Best Movies of 2016 So Far – a list to take under consideration…!!!

Top movies of 2016 are hard to be listed just like that. We all have different tastes and it is never easy to take under considerations other people`s tastes in order to make a universal bunch of best movies of 2016 so far. However, if we think about general factors like visits in cinema, number of downloads or even ratings in websites like imdb, it becomes simpler to guess what the best movies of the year we can point out. Today, this is our mission and we are happy you are here with us. Indeed, the following list of the best movies of 2016 so far should be taken under consideration. So, make sure you concentrate and read it from top to bottom without missing even a title. They all matter and for sure – they are all interesting, intriguing, amusing and original enough to deserve your attention. So the best movies of the year are…

  1. Deadpool

It is not another superhero-related bullshit you must be not that excited to watch. But once you give it a try, you will figure it out: there is nothing like that done in Hollywood up to now. This is a completely different piece of shit: it is about an anti-hero, who knows how to protect himself and how to make people happy and laughing to death. Well, hell year, this is one of the best movies of 2016 so far.

  1. The Magnificent Seven

Do we have to tell you why this movie is not just one of the best movies of the year, but one of the most genius titles of all times? Indeed, the actors, the story line, everything about this movie makes it one of the top movies of all times and we are so happy to have seen it round the entire 2016 glorious year.

  1. Hail, Caesar!

Yet not announced officially, but this is probably one of the movies we have ever seen starring George Clooney and seeing him for such a short time during the entire story. Well, apart from the jokes, this is a good thing to watch in those days you really need something different. And among all of the best movies of 2016 so far, this one gets most of the points!

  1. The Hateful Eight

Here is another genius movies among all of the best movies of 2016 so far. Tarantino`s classics are always special titles to pay attention on. And we need to be proud watchers of this year, because probably the next title from this director is not going to happen soon. Well, genius things do not appear every day, right?

  1. Room

The Canadian psychology movie shows you a story based on real event and showing the amazing relationship and love between a mother and her son. Raped and kidnapped for more than 5 years a woman will live with her born in a box son among a small room for months without seeing the world. But when it comes to salvation and getting out the human instinct cannot compare to anything else. See this movie because it is a real legend in movies based on real events from this year. We really loved it and the movie got many awards.

Best Movies of 2016 So Far